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The team at EGI brings a tactical advantage edge that others don't have...We are real people with a real world approach!

At EGI our mission is to educate, advocate, protect, and serve you while making the best decisions to prevent you and your

loved ones from the one bad day that may lead to an incredibly challenging life! We strive to provide you with peace of mind. There is

no situation too tough for us to make clear while building the best strategies for you. One of our passions is to make business

connections utilizing our network of businesses to help you grow your business, and bring you peace of mind knowing we would not recommend our awesome vendors unless they have been vetted.

Hello! My name is Tyler, the founder of the EGI Agency LLC!

My mission has been carved from events that have challenged me to step up and advocate for the kids like me.

After many years of being a successful mechanic, I made the career change to something that didnt demand precise motor skills.

My dad, Jason, died from a disease that caused him to lose all his motor functions around the age of 18. Jason had Spinocerebellar Degeneration Ataxia type 1. This disease has taken the lives of so many on my dads side of the family. He died at 23, I was 7. My sister and I were raised by a single mother. My father had no life insurance. As I got older, the thought that the disease is hereditary and may have been passed on to me started shaking every thought I had about my future, about the life I was and still am building for my family. . I chose insurance and financial services because I believe in protecting the ones I love most. I believe that the most important work that we can do is guide those we love to a better life. My dad did not have life insurance. Life insurance has been a priority to me since I was able to understand it. My mom’s, sister’s and my life would have turned out much different if my dad had life insurance. I am an advocate, a voice for those who may not be loud enough during the decision-making process about something as detrimental and overlooked as life insurance. I have been granted this power, by life and by the experiences I have been provided and persevered


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